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Misty knightly

Misty Knightly

Author of Wildfire! Kameika and Joey Prepare, and the upcoming Rescue Roy series.

According to family lore, my mom once asked my two brothers if they wanted a baby sister or a dog. What do you think they chose? Whenever I would ask for a dog, they would say in unison, “so did we, but we got you.”

My desire for a dog never went away. As an adult, I worked long hours and traveled for work frequently. Not a fair lifestyle for a canine.

When I finally rescued in 2016, a creative door began to open inside me.

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Kameika & Joey Prepare


70 page picture book:
fiction story to support non-fiction content

In 2020, devastating wildfires wreaked havoc across California and the West. Since I live in the California Santa Cruz Mountains, I witnessed firsthand the loss experienced by many families. Loss like this is difficult for adults to understand; can you imagine explaining and preparing children for another wildfire season? I created Wildfire! Kameika and Joey Prepare, to do just that.

Readers will follow the journey of two friends as they prepare for a wildfire, evacuate to safer locations, and return home to assess any damage to their homes. Fact boxes are inset throughout the story providing information and terms such as levels of fire danger risk, what the prime conditions are for a wildfire, what is a “Go Bag,” and what is dry lightning.


Describing the science behind wildfires, tips on what kids can do to prepare, and making the story relatable with strong characters, will both entertain and educate children.

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Support & Donate

Donate directly to the FireSafe Council or your choice.

In addition, a portion of this books net profits will go to these FireSafe Councils. 

Santa Clara County FireSafe Council
Fire Safe Council of Santa Cruz County

Coming Soon

Upcoming Books
Roy rescue series

Rescue Roy Series
picture books

My first story started on the day Roy and I met a couple of friends at a park with a jungle gym. Roy loved the jungle gym. He climbed up the stairs and then went down the slide backward before figuring out how to slide down facing forward. Rescue Roy and the Jungle Gym was born.

The Rescue Roy series has over 20 working titles. Each book will teach children how to look after dogs and include funny stories based on Roy’s real-life antics. While this may seem ambitious, I am fully committed to sharing Roy with the world. With the Rescue Roy books, my goal is to show children and families how much joy bringing a rescue pet into their lives can be. 

The picture books are interactive with questions, games, and puzzles to reinforce learning.

The adventure of rescue roy

The Adventures of Rescue Roy

The Adventures of Rescue Roy, an upbeat story of a lonely dog who finds love and a home against the odds. 

Roy is a happy and carefree dog who loves to run aimlessly through the meadows with his eyes closed. He enjoys the soft breeze whisking past his floppy ears, making his fur tingle, and rolling on the warm grass. But Roy is also hungry and lonely, ending up in a local animal shelter. Brooklynn is a young girl who dreams of having a dog of her own. She learns that dogs need lots of care—and love—including special food, clean water, a warm bed, and doctor visits —just like people. And when Brooklynn finally meets Roy, she knows they were meant for each other. And so does Roy.

“Just be yourself. Let people see the real, imperfect, flawed, quirky, weird, beautiful, magical person that you are.”

-- Mandy Hale, Author

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I grew up in the suburbs of Washington, DC, with two older brothers, where our parents owned a store. They sold comic books; as you can imagine, we read them all. My brothers loved Superman, Batman, Avengers, and Iron Man, and while I enjoyed those too, my favorites included Peanuts, Betty & Veronica, and Archie.


Once I discovered Agatha Christie, I was hooked, and my love of reading blossomed. To this day, I still love a good whodunit. It was my love for books like Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes, Winnie the Pooh, and Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day that ultimately made me pursue a life of writing children’s books. Deep down, I’ve always known I would write picture books and bring stories to life.

Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators member. 



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